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The terms of service

FirstVision (hereinafter, it is the FirstVision) supposes that it shows and that it applies basic terms of service (hereinafter, it says this agreement) as the following on the occasion of using the Internet site (hereinafter, it is this site) to manage. When using this site, because it assumes that it agreed with this following agreement, be careful.

Article 1 (The application of the agreement)

  1. This agreement accesses this site and is applied to the attention and all of the persons (hereinafter, it says a user) to read in the various data, the document, the software, the image, the sound, the photograph, the image and so on.
  2. This site supposes that it composes the part of this agreement respectively about the terms of service to specify separately and the various stipulations (hereinafter, it says "various stipulations") with this agreement.
  3. When the contents of the regulation of this agreement and the various stipulations of the preceding clause are different, the contents of the concerned various stipulations are supposed to have priority over and to be applied.
  4. It supposes that fixed notice in the article 3 where the FirstVision rises to the user at this site composes the part of this agreement.

Article 2 (The change of the agreement)

  1. This agreement is supposed to be able to be changed at any time without FirstVision's getting consent to the user and it supposes that the user consents to this.
  2. The change and the revision of the preceding clause become valid from the time to have carried an agreement after change and the revision on this site.

Article 3 (The notice from the FirstVision)

As for the FirstVision, it notifies the matters which are necessary at any time to the user by the delivery of the sign and the e-mail on this site, the way of FirstVision's judging suitability in the other.

Article 4 (On the occasion of using)

  1. The user supposes that he accesses this site and that it cares to do and that he reads in the responsibility of the self about the various data, the document, the software, the image, the sound, the photograph, the image and so on.
  2. The user supposes that he agrees this agreement and that he uses this site about the responsibility and the fee of the self and he supposes that it prepares all of the ones such as the communication equipment, the software and the public line which are necessary as the facilities of the side of the user in the same way.
  3. The user supposes that he manages facilities and so on in the maintenance about the responsibility of the self not to bring about hindrance to the use of this site.
  4. As for the use of the end of the link from this site outside, it is not the one to secure in the FirstVision. It supposes that it does about the responsibility of the self.
  5. The user understands that there are various data, a document, software, image, sound, a photograph, an image which contained adult contents in this site and so on. Also, as for the use of the adult service, it supposes that it is limited to the 18 years of age or older and it supposes that it uses about its own responsibility.

Article 5 (Prohibitions)

It supposes that the user doesn't do the following act.

  1. Act of tampering and erasing information on this site. Or the act of sending and showing information contrary to the fact.
  2. Act that infringes the intellectual property rights (copyright and trademark rights, etc.) that is owned by other users or third parties or us. Act with a possibility to infringe is also the same.
  3. The act which discriminates or slanders other users, third parties and FirstVisions. The act which damages honor or trust.
  4. The act which infringes on the property, the privacy and the portrait rights, or the right of a publicity,these are owned by other users, a third party, or FirstVision. Or an act with a possibility of infringing those.
  5. The act which transmits E-mails, such as an advertisement, advertisement, and invitation, without notice to other users, a third party, or FirstVision. The act which transmits the E-mail with which a receiving person bears a feeling of repulsion. The act which blocks e-mail reception of the others. The act which requests a chain of mail transfer. And the act of transmission according to those requests.
  6. The act of connecting with the crime such as the fraud.
  7. The act of opening infinite chain lecture the (pyramid scheme), or act of soliciting it.
  8. The act which transmit images or documents which takes on the illegal obscenity or the child abuse. The acts to be published is also the same.
  9. An election campaign or an act similar to this, the act that breaks the Public Offices Election Law.
  10. The act which uses or offers harmful programs,such as computer virus, or the act to recommend.
  11. The act which uses this site by camouflaging as other users or third parties.
  12. The act which tries unlawful access to other computer systems or networks linked to this site.
  13. In addition, the act which breaks a statute or good public order and customs(prostitution, violence, cruelty etc.), or gives a disadvantage to other users or third parties, or FirstVision.
  14. The act which promotes the above-mentioned prohibited acts.
  15. In addition, the act which was judged unsuitable by FirstVision.

Article 6 (Maintenance)

Without notifying a user in advance, in corresponding to either of the following, in part, I may interrupt all temporarily and FirstVision may maintain this site. user shall consent to this.

  1. When unavoidable because of maintenance of this equipment for sites, or construction.
  2. When an obstacle occurs in this equipment for service and it is unavoidable.
  3. When it originated in the electric communication service which a type 1 carrier or other telecommunications service operators offer and use of electric communications service becomes impossible.
  4. In addition, for operational or technical reason FirstVision determines that requires temporary interruption.

Article 7 (Liability for damages)

When the user of this site does damage to other users or third parties, a user shall compensate this damage with own responsibility and expense. Moreover, when it is led to the advertisement displayed at this site, and its function and accesses the site concerned, a user shall take responsibility himself and FirstVision is exempted from obligation about the act of those who access the site concerned, and its result.

Article 8 (Intellectual property right)

All the information (including a text, a picture, a photograph, a sound, an image, a program, etc.) which the user of this site acquired by browsing and using this site is protected by intellectual property rights, such as copyright, a trademark right, or patent right, a statute, and law. Therefore, the user of this site shall not perform the act which infringes on intellectual property rights, such as reproduction of these pieces of information, or a copy, or an act with a possibility of infringing.

Article 9 (Disclaimer)

About employment of this site, FirstVision will do its best on the assumption that the technical level in the time. However, we do not guarantee that an obstacle does not arise. For a hardware failure, and unlawful access and other reasons, about the damage and the loss which users including disappearance / point use of discontinuation, delay, a stop, and data of service received, FirstVision does not take any responsibility and reparations duty does not occur. The user of this site shall agree with this thing.

Article 10 (Exclusive jurisdiction of the courts)

When the necessity for a lawsuit arises about this agreement and all the agreements of FirstVision, let Tokyo Summary Court or Tokyo District Court be the agreement jurisdictional court of the first trial under exclusive contract.

Article 11 (Governing law)

The applicable law about this agreement and all the agreements of FirstVision is taken as the laws of Japan.

Article 12 (End of site)

In any reasons, FirstVision can terminate this site on a notification of audit based on the discretion.

Article 13 (Supplementary provision)

April 24, 2009 Establishment / enforcement
September 10, 2015 amendment

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