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My female teacher lik...

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Shima-purple light di...

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Help (Frequently asked questions)

We frequently asked questions and have published the answer from Sofmart customers. Please refer to the service at the time of your use.

About Sofmart

What is Sofmart?

Sofmart is a digital content site that limited company Firstvision is operated. We are doing a monthly membership, separately Video, DVD mail order.

For shopping method

The monthly membership?

When you purchase a monthly membership, download videos will be unlimited viewing until you revoke the membership from the date of purchase. (Except for the part of the work) Because of the flat fee, so you can see a lot of work without having to worry about the fee, it will be very profitable. The monthly membership there is a membership of "one month", "three months".

The single item video?

The single item video, you will be pleased to purchase and download for each work. We correspond to your needs and that you want to see only your favorite work when you like.

The DVD mail order?

We send the DVD software which sofmart selected carefully by the mail order. In the mail order,We send the DVD software which sofmart selected carefully. Because it assorts the software which can not be easily bought in the others, use by all means.

About Payment

How can I pay the price?

It is available of credit card (JCB, MASTER, VISA).

Shipping information

The way of delivering in case of mail order?

It will be delivered in Sofmart specified courier.

For sample videos

Can I see sample videos without a membership registration?

Sample videos you can watch as it is. To proceed with this call to care, please purchase by all means.

For download and playback

If it fails to download it?

In the case of monthly subscription, you can download any number of times as long as it is a valid period, please rest assured.
In the case of separately videos, you can download up to three times.
Please contact Sofmart If you are still unsuccessful.

The handling of personal information

Please tell us about the handling of personal information.

Please see here. Privacy Policy

For the purchase of monthly videos

Is it possible to cancel in the middle of a monthly video?

Since it has purchased a membership of monthly, it can not be the way cancellation.

After buying the membership of monthly video, does it would have been automatically continued use?

As long as your credit card use, and we have been and continue settlement treatment.
Stop of continuing settlement treatment after login, please go by the "stop automatic updates" from the "Purchased monthly video" screen.

If it is selected and another payment method, it becomes limiting for the period of time that is selected at the time of purchase, it will not be continued.
In this case, customers who wish to continue, will be purchased anew membership after the expiration.

無料会員登録If the member registration
available a variety
of services for free.

In Sofmart, it is a big recruiting Affiliate. When get registered as a Affiliate, you can GET a high reward opportunity! Please apply by all means.

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