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Three Caballeros
In the animated film, "three Caballeros" so unusual; Donald Duck from 8 mm film presents birthday...
Goods Number:APRO-010
Playback time:70 minutes
Shop name:J Archive(Video)
Category name:Separately Video
Common category name:Western Movie
Distributor:J. archive
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In the animated film, "three Caballeros" so unusual; Donald Duck from 8 mm film presents birthday from your friends in Latin America, but from there leads scenes such as the hallucinogenic Peyote cactus in Mexico cause one after another in this movie. Other a
Methods reminiscent of the film, such as in start, make mine music incorporating short, as well as pedal sucked tale. Short is being governed by a "寒gari Penguin Pablo '" sky flying donkey and little cowboy ', such as in. After two short travel stories like the flap also internal monologue one.
As a plunge into the world of animation at breakneck speed. It's not strong enough to stop this runaway both Donald and friends Parrot Jose Carioca and Rooster Panchito Pistoles. Chasing Donald young girls watching two most scenes only.


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